First Things First

You never think people actually meet each other at weddings, until it happens to you. We were both going about life doing our own thing in different states, when everything changed after one night of dancing and the opportunity to take someone to the airport turned into a five-hour first date. We are the third of a group of couples that have California Boys (three close friends) marrying Texan Girls (three close friends). Timeline of us...

April 2009 - We met at a wedding and knew it was more than just chemistry.

April 2009 - Kara's first official trip to California. Many Many Subsequent journeys to Texas and California happened.

July 2009 - Said I love you for the first time the day after Independence Day.

November 2009 - We get engaged in Santa Ynez Valley, CA Wine Country & Kara moves to Southern California.

June 2010 - Tied the Knot in Fort Worth.

June 2010 - Find out our planning is flawed and are told we are moving to Fort Worth, TX for new jobs on our honeymoon.

July 2010 - Move to Texas, living with the in-laws in the country and figuring out life from here.

The journey continues each and everyday. We are thankful to be a part of the adventure together.