Honeymoon, our first and second

The first official day of our honeymoon began with the news that Brett had landed a job at TCU.  Wonderful surprise, for sure, but now the California life we were planning for ourselves was thrown out the window...we were headed to Texas!  So we spent our first days in Mexico strategizing how to move half way across the country, while the last days were spent battling infections….me a kidney, Brett an ear.

Once we made it back to US soil, sought medical attention, quit our jobs and shared the news with friends and family, we began the life journey as Mr. and Mrs. Brett and Kara Phillips.Of course, sharing a love of traveling meant our  22 hour road trip would last 4 days with an extended stay in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We called it our 2nd honeymoon and it was much more successful!

I can't say for all of New Mexico, but I found Santa Fe to be quite enchanting, I mean, it is described as the "land of enchantment" (See Billboard).  Brett and I were fortunate to have our close friends offer to treat us to 2 nights at La Posada de Santa Fe Resort and Spa.  We were thrilled to explore a new city and had no real expectations for what we wanted out of the trip.  In fact, we didn't even "yelp" the hotel and surrounding area (totally out of character for me, I'm somewhat "type A" when it comes to planning). We were more than happy with our stay at La Posada, it was a charming hotel just a short walk from downtown Santa Fe.

Fortunately, two of our friends had recently visited Santa Fe and were happy to share their recommendations:  a hot bath at Ten Thousand Waves, cocktails at the Bell Tower Bar on top of La Fonda Hotel and dinner at Maria's.

We decided that cocktails at Bell Tower Bar would be a great way to kickoff our 2nd honeymoon.  Our destination was within walking distance from La Posada so we were able to check out downtown along the way.  We discovered that Santa Fe was an attractive place for destination weddings and weekend getaways, as we watched a number of wedding parties march down the streets and struck up conversations with people from all over the U.S.

The cocktails were standard at the Bell Tower Bar, but the view was absolutely stunning.  The rooftop is a small area, so I imagine it tends to be crowded on most nights.  This night in particular, a storm was rolling through, so we had our pick of tables.

Thanks to our iPhones, Brett and I were able to do some research on Ten Thousand Waves before booking our appointments.  I have to say, we were a little hesitant about the communal hot bath. I guess we are more modest than most, as it seemed to be the popular option. Instead, we opted for the super premium private New Ofuro hot bath.  $49 per person for 90-minutes, a total steal! Here's the link if you're interested, I absolutely recommend it. http://www.tenthousandwaves.com/

Walking the path to Ten Thousand Waves

After our relaxing hot bath treatment, we went for dinner at Maria's.  Kudos to our friends for another amazing suggestion! Warning: Trying to select a margarita from "The Great Margarita Book,"  isn't an easy task.  However, each drink is made with fresh ingredients and strong tequila, so you can't go wrong.  Tip:  I thought it was entertaining to watch them make each drink, so I would suggest stopping by the bar before getting seated for dinner, which I must add, was quite tasty!


Santa Fe was beautiful, relaxing and filled with lots of friendly people.  I can't wait to go back!

Next up, Halloween in New York City....