NYC Halloween

The moment we arrived on Texas soil, July 3rd, I could sense an itch for Brett to get out.  It may have been the 100-degree heat or the fact that a full-time job was on the horizon and free time would be limited.  Either way, we made it our first priority to plan a trip.  It was an easy decision, as are most of our travel destinations.  Fall would be a great time to travel to the northeast, we have friends who recently moved to NYC from Australia and Halloween weekend would be a great holiday to experience in a new city.

We gratefully accepted the invitation to stay with our friends, Tom and Camille, in their West Village apartment. The perfect spot for traveling the city on foot!

Seeing as we arrived on Thursday night and our friends had work the next morning, we excused ourselves and went out for a drink. Tom recommended Jeffrey’s Grocery and Oyster Bar, literally 50 steps from their apartment. Although a little small inside for a group of 3 or more, it was totally the vibe we were going for, red wine, dim lighting and a waiter/aspiring actor…ah, it’s good to be in NYC!

For weeks, we’ve planned to spend time shopping in SOHO.  Being newlyweds, we don’t have a big clothing budget or really one at all, however, we dream of becoming more stylish versions of our current selves. So Friday morning, we dressed for the elements and headed for the stores.

On the way, we decided to try a favorite coffee spot in the West Village, Joe the Art of Coffee located at 141 Waverly Place.  The atmosphere was great as the people filing in for their morning coffee we’re friendly and energetic, this may have something to do with the Joe running team. Each Saturday and Sunday morning at 10am, there is a 6-mile jog for Joe regulars which ends with a coffee of their choice.  How fun, right, and the coffee is awesome.  I went for a cappuccino with a forth-shaped heart and chocolate biscotti; Brett got the seasonal house blend drip and blueberry muffin.

Later that evening, our friends suggested going on a food tour in place of a regular sit down dinner, that way, we could experience more of their favorite spots before returning home.  A great idea for travelers that I look forward to using on trips in the future.  We began the food tour with beers and an order of the Berkshire Pork Sliders at Wilfie and Nell, a local bar in the West Village. Second Stop, Fat Cat, located at 75 Christopher.  A few games of shuffleboard, a little scrabble and live music blaring in the background made it worth the $3 cover charge! With more liquid than food in our stomachs, we figured the next stop should be $0.99 pizza slices. Not the best pizza in NYC, but for the price and accessibility I’d become a regular.  Not wanting to end the tour on account of being full, we shared slices, then, walked next door to Gray’s Papaya Hotdogs.  Fully loaded with sauerkraut and onion dressing, this frank becomes a quick fix to a hunger pinch. I highly suggest trying the pina colada fruit drink, a sweet pairing to a salty dog. Nearing our food limit and closing in on 3a.m. we agreed to try one last place.  Walking much slower than before, we made our way to 50 West and 8th Street for a S’mores Deluxe at Insomnia Cookie. Need a late night sweet and don’t feel like walking?  Call for delivery!

Obviously, we all agreed that lighter fare and a little exercise would do us some good, so Saturday afternoon involved walking through Central Park and a picnic complete with olives, prosciutto and a variety of cheeses.  Favorite FREE activity in NYC, people watch! 

In spirit of Halloween and with Camille being an Aussie, we thought it was most appropriate to carve a pumpkin.  As you can see, it turned out to be a great success!

Although Sunday was our last full day in NYC, it was also the most important.  A week prior to our departure we discovered, while browsing online articles, that Greenwich Village hosted a Halloween parade each year. We’re nerds in that we love participating in any local activity while on vacation, hey, you never know when the opportunity will present itself again.  With Tom and Camille having spent less than a year in their apartment, the parade would be a first for all of us. Luckily, their street was a part of the parade route.

Living in a small town does not prepare you to fight through an enormous crowd of costume wearing people in the subway.  However, I must admit, the panic struck look on my face only enhanced my costume, Lindsay Lohan on her way to court.

The parade proved to be way more than what we bargained for and fifteen minutes after having our bodies groped and feet stepped on we decided to make our way back to our friends’ apartment. The journey was less than simple as we winded up and through the streets sharing intimate space with the thousands of New Yorkers that were excited to be a part of the chaos.

We love Tom and Camille. We look forward to hosting them in the countryside at Camp Phillips in Aledo, TX!