Clarity in the Details

I’ve spent the last few weeks scouring the Internet to find inspiring home decor; the problem is I’m currently over stimulated with ideas. It seems like every day that I stumble over a photo, color swatch or light fixture that evokes some wonderful emotion, leaving me with the feeling of desperation to own. Is this wrong or are there others like me? I'm dying for this couch at the moment.

or this one...

I’m lucky to have a husband that is of creative mind and willing to trade design ideas, as well as, rein me back in when I’m in over my head. With the house completion projected for August, it’s unnecessary to begin my shopping spree in January, although I’ve tried many times to reason otherwise.

Brett and I have decided that design should be affordable, however, the stores I fall in love with seem to indicate otherwise. Fortunately, we have sites like Etsy and Craigslist to sift through and interior design blogs for research and inspiration. Our goal is to design, build and decorate a house that reflects our interests and personalities without taking on debt or compromising our desire to travel. Is this too ambitious?

Loving these headboards and their prices!