Brainstorming Session

I'd like to decorate our office around this chair, or rather, the feelings I have each time I look at this beautiful piece of furniture. I imagine curling up with a book, cup of tea and Nims (nickname for our dog, Lilly).

I will need a lamp to go with this chair, perhaps a standing lamp like this.

Knowing my tendency to get cold, I will definitely need a warm blanket nearby. What about this one?

Now for the rest of the office, I'm thinking about a built-in bookcase along the back wall. Like this, but all the way across.  The zebra rug is a must! Brett and I have collected an extensive collection of reading material, so I'm thinking floor to ceiling.

And for a desk, a glance through Craigslist should secure me a piece of furniture that's both unique and inexpensive.