Choose Life, Choose California

“Choose Life, Choose California“ was the slogan that I used to brand how amazing life in California can be to my future wife. She moved out to experience the pain of 405 traffic and finding that the rent tripled in the price of apartments in desirable areas. The upsides were the amazing restaurants, easy access to the beach and sunshine round the clock without unbearable humidity.  As our life uprooted and took us to Fort Worth our slogan changed to “Choose Lifestyle, Choose Texas.” Here is my list of reasons why I am happy to be in Texas:

  1. 25 mile commute is only 25 minutes, not 1.5 hours.
  2. A 3,000 square foot house can be purchased for 250K.
  3. There is No State Income Tax.
  4. People are friendly, helpful and welcoming.
  5. Saving money is possible.
  6. Movie Tavern (seriously legit).
  7. Snow Days - who know people actually get work off for freezing temperatures.

A few Challenges I am still dealing with:

  1. Summer is absurdly hot & sweaty.
  2. Not seeing the ocean/the coast when they show the weather forecast on the news.
  3. Not opening windows or doors to have indoor/outdoor living.
  4. Bear Flag Ahi Burritos.Life might bring us back some day, but until then Texas life is all right with me.