Tribute to 28

What are the odds of your husband and brother sharing the same birthday, not only that, but on Valentine's Day? In my case, pretty darn good. So on Friday afternoon, we left for a night in Dallas and a chance to celebrate turning 28 Needing to expand on his Texas adventures, thus far, I bought 2 tickets to the Dallas Stars. Overtime and a shoot out, Stars win 4-3 against the Chicago Blackhawks and two new hockey fans are born.

Let's back up, as our dinner at Eno's Pizza before the game is definitely worth mentioning.  In the past few months, I've heard/read wonderful reviews about the Bishop Arts District. Although I was anticipating more retail stores, the quality of the restaurants were spot on! Brett chose the place, as it was his birthday weekend. Obviously pizza and a sporting event pair like cheese and wine.

As you can see from the pictures, we left fully satisfied.  However, I can't say this is the place for everyone.  If you prefer a deep dish pizza, you might want to plan on ordering a pasta dish or sandwich. For Brett, a thin crust lover, his Birthday dinner was a win.

We split a pizza and salad, it was plenty but no leftovers were spared. I didn't take a picture of inside the restaurant, but wish I had, as the decor was similar to what Brett and I envision for our home.  It's always surprising to find inspiration from an unlikely place and I often get interior design ideas from restaurants...I don't know what this says about me?

On Saturday, we decided to try another highly recommended restaurant, Bolsa. Again, a great dining experience! I always appreciate watching the produce truck from a local farm pull up and drop of ingredients. Our waiter said the menu changes daily due to what's available and in season, so local and so yummy.  Next time, I'll go for dinner.

A random but AWESOME find was Oddfellows, a breakfast/brunch/lunch spot with talented baristas.  Although we had just finished lunch, we couldn't pass up a cup of coffee. There's nothing I love more than a well made cappuccino. The waiter mentioned the restaurant was in the process of expanding, obtaining their liquor license and offering dinner service. Something to look forward to in the coming months.

I talked Brett into stopping by an antique store before returning to Fort Worth to meet friends.  One store turned into three, which seems to always happen.... I'm pleasantly surprised each time my husband goes along on my tangents with a smile on his face, I'm very lucky. We didn't find a treasure worth buying, but we did find a shop worth sharing, Again and Again.

Leslie, the owner/designer is very friendly and won us over as soon as we walked in the door.  Nothing is what you see, she said and then went on to explain how she takes old/outdated/everyday furniture and turns it into the piece you've been looking for, and she has pictures to prove it! She is willing to discuss design ideas for a piece of furniture you already own, as well, she has pieces for sell.  I plan on taking in two chairs from my grandmother that need some serious help, I'll share in a future post!

After, we decided to drive through the "M Streets" and look for painted brick homes.  I haven't yet mentioned this, but we are currently facing a serious dilemma of what color to paint our house.  The reason for painted brick in the first place, is to differentiate ourselves from the other houses in the area.  Our biggest concern is the combination of colors for the trim, brick and roof. Here are the two we found that most reflect the color combination we would like to replicate:

It's clear each time we look at painted brick homes that we are most drawn to gray or cream, although there are many combinations to choose from: green, white, blue, etc. At this point, we are leaning toward the second option, but the next step is visiting a paint store for greater expertise.

Something I will make note of in the future, nothing beats a Costco hotdog.  Of all the restaurants we went to this weekend, it's safe to say Sunday lunch at Costco was Brett's favorite birthday treat.  I always turn my nose to the $1.50 combo at Costco, but it was his weekend.  So after we walked every aisle and tried every sample, we sat down to 2 slices of pizza and a hotdog.  Go big or go home, right?

Happy Birthday, Brett!