A Country Life..

Living in a rent house in Weatherford, TX (30 minutes west of Fort Worth) is not how I expected to be spending the first year of my marriage. Honestly, I did not expect to be in Texas at all. Manhattan Beach or Orange County living is how I thought the first few days of my new life with a partner in crime would be indulged. Walks on the beach, meeting friends at über trendy bars and just trying to figure out how to make it in a 750 square foot one bedroom condo. It would be close enough to smell the ocean, but annoying enough to have a hard time finding parking. Oh, how life looks different from what we envisioned...

When you marry someone from out-of-state you have to be ready to sacrifice. Kara was the one that had to sacrifice. I am the reason we moved to Texas. Not my wife. A tough job market and ending up number two in 5 different interviews made the path clear. It is easy to accept life when the path is defined and narrow. It can feel suffocating and daunting to move ahead when only one opportunity presents itself, but it can feel pure at the end of the day to know you are moving in the right direction. The air tastes more simple and sweet.

Regardless, being in the country has proved to have its advantages. I thought I grew up in the country, but Kara re-assures me that the Santa Ynez Valley is Gucci Country - "Wine Country is not the Country" she says every time I try to bond with fellow Texans stating that "I'm from the country too." Nevertheless it is different.


We have officially been married 8 months and 10 days. Everyday of our marriage has been spent living with other people. Some might say its crazy. Some might ask "How do you do it?" No pun intended or I mean, pun intended. It works. Some days are easier to get through than others, but the short-term sacrifices will pave a way for long-term rewards. It might be our last born characteristics, always eager to please and enthusiastic to be in the middle of the party, that makes our unique situation work.

Building a house is more than just the next step for us, it's about settling in to all that is wonderful and challenging about being newlyweds.  We anticipate the day we can say goodbye to communal living and hello to our first REAL year of marriage.