A Brick Decision!

When Brett and I decided on painted brick for the exterior of our house, we thought it was just a matter of choosing the color…Oh how we were wrong! The level of detail that goes into painted brick is surprising.


A friend of ours who had recently been through the process shared some helpful insights. Although her home is new construction, she wanted it to have a weathered look as if it had been there for many years. Therefore, she chose a rough/tumbled brick. Something like this...

Consider price over color, it will eventually get a paint job!  Next, she decided on the brick bond and joint (I never knew these options existed and there are more than I listed below).

Lastly, she chose the paint and trim colors. Consulting a paint store is key to this decision!

So, taking into consideration the above advice, Brett and I began dissecting the painted brick homes we loved. Remember this house, mentioned in a previous post?

Cream painted brick option

Cream painted brick option

We still hope to replicate the colors, however, we both agree on a smoother brick with a running bond and flush joint. Similar to this...

Smooth brick option

Smooth brick option

I LOVE this next house. Looks like smooth brick with a running bond and flush mortar...what do you think?

I feel sympathy for the unfortunate man/woman who assists us at the paint store...it's sure to be a long day - keep you posted!