Off the Market

We're close to being approved, paperwork is complete and application submitted.

So what's next? I'm thinking two lawn chairs and a bottle of wine at sunset sounds about right. Maybe even a stroll around the perimeter? Once that's checked off the list, I'm believing for quick processing on the construction loan and an end of summer house-warming party! Here's our house plan drawn with SmartDraw, an easy-to-use program that is too expensive to buy. The outcome of the 6-day free trial...

Our House Plan (click on image for larger view)

If I look at the plan in its entirety, I get extremely overwhelmed, so Brett and I devised a plan of attack. You see, every person has a moving style, luckily ours match. We both want to feel settled as quickly as possible, meaning boxes will be emptied within 24 hours in our new house and rooms with the most daily traffic will be decorated first. These rooms include: the master bedroom, kitchen/nook, living room and study.

Brett and I agree we should move into the house before purchasing big pieces of furniture (I've tried breaking this rule a time or two), but that won't stop us from brainstorming the look we desire for each room. In the past few days, we have started giving some thought to interior paint colors.  We have already settled on the exterior look (here) and want to make sure our interior is complimentary. I'm concerned with being "design consistent" - not sure if that's a real term, but I like it. Below, are the interior colors we are considering.

Breakdown by room

1. Study - darker gray, Steel Wool or Pewter.

2. Dining Room - I like Pearl River, Brett is undecided

3. Living Room - We're hoping for a wheat color, Timid White?

4. Kitchen/Nook - Harbor Gray or Calm, not sure how dark to go

5. Master Bedroom - Both undecided

I envy the person that can look at a color and see a finished room. I'm a visual learner, I need to see how each piece fits into a room. So, I'm going to start with #1, the study, and create a mood back soon!