Out of Hibernation

It has been an unacceptable amount of time since our last post, however, we have exciting things to report! We officially closed on our lot and submitted the application for an interim construction loan. We plan to break ground in a matter of weeks and we're BEYOND thrilled! So what's kept us so busy over the past month, aside from the tedious paperwork involved with loan applications? A whole lot of spring cleaning, outdoors style.

Early in March, we decided if there was ever a time to trim trees, it would be the end of winter when they're without leaves, bugs and all things annoying. So we made a mental note of this and went about life...a few weeks later, all packed up and ready to trim we headed for our lot. Spring got there first...

Drenched in sweat and scratched from head to toe, we finished the job. Now, all the greenery mess suffocating the big, beautiful trees is gone. Many thanks to my husband for being the labor force behind the project.

With the building process on the horizon and the lot beautifully prepared, Brett and I have started drilling down to the details of the house. Last Saturday, we popped into Tile, Marble & Granite Works  to find samples. Thinking it would be easy, we bounded in with our fabulous ideas. Within 5 minutes of our arrival, we learned the following:

  1. Marble countertops are not the right fit for us (I'll explain)
  2. Purchasing a larger tile does not cut costs even though you need less
  3. Flooring selection is easier than countertop selection, start on top

Good information for 1st time home builders, so as to not mess up the process, we headed to their granite warehouse down the road. Keep in mind, we had just discussed the fact that marble countertops are not the right fit for us, though we were still hanging on to the dream at this point.

While perusing the granite selection with our new friend Hathaway, a TMGW employee,  she told us about a recent customer who had selected beautiful white marble countertops for her kitchen. Ah, the ideal I thought...One afternoon this customer had come home with a bag of peaches from the market, set them on the counter and quickly ran out of the house, just as we all do on hectic days. Later that evening, the customer came home to see that acidity from the bag of peaches had eaten a hole in the marble countertop.

Horror swept over our faces as Brett and I realized we are peach people, maybe even worse. RIP White Marble Countertops...

Since making the mental transition to granite, Brett and I have been able to zero in on the look we want to achieve: dark floors, white cabinets, light countertop and backsplash.  With marble it's possible to get a sleek, all white countertop or one with gray movement through out the slab (like the picture above).  It's classic and beautiful.  Granite, on the other hand, tends to have more movement with greater variation in color, at least in regards to the slabs we have seen. That being said, we are leaning towards something like this...

Stay tuned to see if we can make this work without breaking the bank!