Best of Parker County: Aledo and Weatherford Edition

I’m no stranger to small-town Texas, building a house in Aledo means moving home…literally, it’s where I was raised.   I’ve never thought twice about hot summer days AND nights, the sound of locusts in the trees and phrases like “walking in tall cotton.” All things Brett finds both frustrating and amusing. To say it was a difficult transition moving from Orange County, California to Weatherford, Texas is an understatement, it was a life transformation. However, after many months of exploration, we have grown to love and appreciate Parker County (where you can find Aledo, Weatherford, and a few other cities).  We didn’t want to hold out on you, so here are the reasons for our change Best of Parker County: Aledo and Weatherford Edition

McDavid Springs– You’ve seen this mentioned here and here. The development we will soon call home. Driving through the tree-lined streets you are sure to spot wildlife. The perfect location for raising families or throwing parties.

Granny’s Kitchen – Down the road from our current house, it’s a weeknight favorite.  Two adults can leave completely satisfied with leftovers in hand for under $15.  You might think this is only possible at the expense of ingredients, not at Granny's! Some good southern cooking, our favorites include: chicken fried steak, vegetable plate, Cheese burger and breakfast tacos.

Weatherford Farmer’s Market - The best place to get fresh fruits and veggies, homemade salsa and even the family christmas tree. Quality grocery stores are scarce in the country, no Trader Joes, Central Market or Whole Foods, so we prefer it fresh from the farm!

N. Main Street Antique Shops – I’m ashamed to say, we made the trip to Dallas to check out well-know antique shops long before exploring the ones five minutes down the road, off N. Main Street in Weatherford. This was foolish; we were shocked by what we found for HALF the price. If you live in the area, don’t make the same mistake!

Aledo Taqueria - As a visitor, I doubt you would give it a chance, but locals will tell you it's the BEST taco around. Under $3 for two carne asada tacos, it's a steal.  Sure it may be housed in a Shell gas station, but in small towns, rental spaces are hard to find!  Heck, buildings are even scarce.  I guarantee it will be the first stop we make when you come for a visit :)