The F-Words of Building: Foundation & Framing!

After months and months of saving, as well as communal living, our building adventure has exploded. It was only two weeks ago that our foundation was poured.  To celebrate our new home, as well as our first anniversary, we indulged in a cake that had been frozen for the past year (it tasted better the first time) and a great bottle of champagne.

Within a matter of days, 3 to be exact, the walls of our new home began to tower in the sky.  The sacrifices made throughout the last year were beginning to pay off.

We're still on schedule for a late September move-in, but currently feeling overwhelmed by the number of selections to be made. What's on the plate for this week? Where do we place outlets and what's an appropriate height for a mounted t.v.? It's shaping up to be a big week.

Can you guess where the kitchen island will be...