The Art of Negotiation

Brett has always wanted a beat-up leather chair, and so does everybody else. Therefore, it's been quite difficult to find the quality of leather, already worn, for an agreeable price...think Restoration Hardware quality and Ikea price point.  We've scoured Craigslist, Etsy, local and not-so-local antique stores, up until Saturday, we were at a loss.  Then it happened, we found the mothership... We sat, we stood and stared, we discussed and then we left.  On closeout at half the original price and made of real leather, should we do it? was it too soon, I mean the house is just now being framed? It was a good 30 minutes of turmoil while munching on chips and salsa at a nearby restaurant, then we came up with a plan of attack.  Gliding back into the store, we confidently asked Bonnie (our new friend and Weir's salesperson) "How low can you go on the leather chair," It was a shameless move, as it was already priced at close out. Never hurts to ask, we thought. Heads held high, we were in total control of the situation. "Low as it gets," she said."Great, we'll take it!," we cheered, not even phased by our negotiation failure.

Coming off the high of our purchase, we started brainstorming where we would put the new chair. From the beginning, we saw it nestled in the corner of our office (here).  However, being of perfect size and shape (obviously biased) I'm thinking it could make an impact in both the living room and master bedroom, as well.

Something like this for the living room? eclectic like us!