Dark Granite Takes the LEAD!

Granite. Can’t live with it, can’t live without.

Remember our ideal kitchen (here)? After the peach story, we came to the difficult conclusion that marble was no longer an option for our kitchen countertops. It’s porous and therefore difficult to maintain. We might consider it as a countertop in a low traffic bathroom, but our kitchen will be in high demand.  Still, magazines keep you obsessing....my ALL TIME FAVORITE kitchen.

Let's digress for a moment: I tend to believe all things work according to the plan in my head. This was brought to my attention one afternoon while on a shopping trip. Brett's idea of going to the mall, only to get what we came for, severly clashed with my walking aimlessly for 2 hours and impulse buying a few too many things.  I thought the shopping trip would turn out just as I had planned, it didn't. However, it was a great lesson in our marriage. Things don't always go your way, learn to be flexible and if you ever feel like shopping, call a girlfriend.

How does this relate to granite selection? Again, I found myself stuck on the idea in my head. Like the picture above, I wanted white countertops, so that's what I looked for, simple enough. Except, there's no white granite to be found for the price we're willing to pay. After our third warehouse without airconditioning, I began to realize it was time to look at alternatives.  My husband, the patient type, kindly nodded at my revelation "what about dark countertops?" Lesson learned, again.

So here we are, thrilled about dark countertops! MY NEW ALL TIME FAVORTIE kitchen.