Blinded by the WHITE!

Color is here and we don't care who knows it. Our red brick is no longer looking so intense. We have transitioned to a primed and in-progress painted brick masterpiece.

The primer is beginning to help shape the look of our new house. The official colors will be simple white for the brick and functional gray for the trim (Sherwin Williams).

The trim is yet to be painted (as is the house fully), but we know it will add a great compliment and contrast to the rest of the homes in McDavid Springs. We can't wait for the beautiful green grass to highlight the cleanness of our classic painted brick residence.

After analyzing many photos to get the perfect study with built-in bookshelves, the study is coming together. It is dark, cozy and ready to be stocked with hundreds of reading options.

The kitchen is full of color. The island is painted - duxbury gray, cabinets and trim - white dove, the kitchen walls - owl gray and the living room - creme caramel (Benjamin Moore). A few more accents will make this space functional and charming.

The dining room is ethereal and soft. The dark tile will help anchor the room and give it strength. The dining room is bunny gray  (Benjamin Moore).