Don't Table Our Creativity...

4 weeks away from move-in and we've got the buying itch...just couldn't resist...

Got the chairs, need the table. Seems backwards, eh? We do things a little different around our house :)

In order to cut costs, we decided to refinish an oldie-but-goodie-table. One afternoon while blog-hopping, endlessly looking for ideas and inspiration, I came across Annie Sloan. I'm not going  into detail here, I'll just say that she claims her paints are the best in the world and although my husband nicknamed me superlatives for my over use of "best", "worst" and "greatest"...I totally agree with Annie, these paints are AMAZING. Changed my life. Click on the link if you're interested in giving your own furniture a facelift.

Though the table has nice lines, it was  in desperate need of new color and a slap of coolness. Fortunately for me, Silverfox is quite the handyman, assembling and sanding the table before it's beauty transformation. I didn't take a picture of the table in its original state, but imagine the top an unattractive shade of brown.

Though sanding and priming is not a requirement when working with Annie Sloan paints, we started this project months ago before my A.S. discovery.

To get a sense on cohesiveness, we applied a white latex based paint. It was a sample we had left over from the house, we liked the idea of using white as the base coat, favoring the color of the chairs.

Next, we painted on a thick layer of Annie Sloan Graphite paint. As you can see it's still wet in some areas, but overall the drying time was quick! Notice it has a matte finish, depending on your preference you can add the Annie Sloan clear wax for a glossy look.

After the A.S. Graphite layer dried completely, we roughed the table lightly with fine grain sandpaper, just enough to show the underlying white paint. For an aged look and a glossy finish, we applied the Annie Sloan dark wax

I'll show you the finished product once the chairs arrive!