Made from Scratch: Pesto

Given the time, we'd rather make something from scratch than buy it pre-made. I'd say we're pretty consistent in this, whether it's decor for our home or a weeknight meal, it always looks and tastes better when it's your own.

I had this revelation that maybe some of you feel the same, so I decided to periodically share with you, our made from scratch creations. (I can't promise this will be a weekly series...I'm much too distracted.)

First up, Pesto.

I LOVE pesto. It's versatile, light, fresh and easy to throw together. I like to make a big batch at the beginning of the week and then turn it into a few different weeknight meals. Last night, we made pesto pasta. This isn't a cooking blog, per se, so I'm not showing step by step instructions; however, I'll provide you with a link to the recipe. This one is from 101 Cookbooks (here).

Although the recipe calls for kale, we only had spinach at the house. Both are equally delicious and work wonderfully in this dish.

I favor a thicker pesto so I go a bit easier on the food processor and olive oil.  Also, if you are a fan of feta, try substituting it for parmesan in this recipe.

A few delightful additions: chopped sun-dried tomatoes, grilled chicken and toasted pine nuts.

Lilly waiting patiently for my attention. This face gets me every time!

I hope you enjoy this recipe, keep in mind to taste along the way, adding the ingredients to your liking. Recipes are only suggestions not absolutes! If you have pesto leftover, throw it on a pizza crust with some caramelized onions, your favorite cheeses and a drizzle of truffle will knock your socks off! bloglovin