Made From Scratch: Spicy Turkey Burgers

We try to set aside one night a week for date night. This means cooking something together and sitting down at the table, maybe lighting a candle or two. On this week's menu, spicy turkey burgers with a side salad. When we cook together, I leave all things meat related up to Brett. Unfortunately, that means on nights when I'm cooking solo, he is likely to come home to a vegetarian dish. It doesn't take long before I find him in the kitchen grilling up some juicy chicken breasts to garnish the next dish I conjure up....I gladly oblige.

Brett found the spicy turkey burger recipe from Bon Apetite (here), of course, we adapted it to our liking and I encourage you do the same! Adding garlic powder gave it a nice flavor and we eliminated the cilantro.  Next time, we'll add diced bell peppers.

Showing those patties whose boss...

My realm: the salad.

I'm a believer that if it's in the fridge and it hasn't expired or wilted than it's begging to be tossed in a salad! The more the merrier, unfortunately for us, we were out of everything this night....So, in went the lettuce and spinach combo, tomatoes (I always have to sneak these past Brett, not a fan) toasted pumpkin seeds, carrots, avocado, shallots and a little feta.  Here's the key, top with this creamy mustard vinaigrette (here). If you're concerned about the mustard part, don't be, Brett still has (had) no idea mustard is an ingredient, it pairs well with everythingWith two hands on deck, the meal was complete in a half hour. We topped our burgers with avocado, spinach, jalapeno (for me) and a little feta. I'm sure there are many variations to try, let us know if you come up with something spectacular! Enjoy.