Humor at the Bottom

I can't believe it's been a year and a half since we moved to Texas. It's been a whirlwind of packing and unpacking, highs and lows. With Brett's birthday a few days away (yes, its cupid himself) this realization of time has hit me like a ton of bricks. On February 14th, Brett will enter his last year of 20’s. He can’t be bothered. However, It stirs in me this incredible emotion, I’m proud of what we have accomplished in the 3 short years of knowing each other and the year and a half as a married couple.

Last night, while talking about nearing 30 (Brett, not me, I’m yearrrs away) we started reflecting on our highlight reel over the past year….and then we couldn’t stop laughing.

I thought I would share a few with you.

(A highlight reel is a combination of good, bad and so bad they're funny moments)

Purchasing a used car with the salesman's promise to remove the smoke odor, then, returning the car the next day for a full refund. Who does this? First, trust a car salesman. Second, believe smoke odor could be removed from anything. Third, return a car like it's an article of clothing.

Talking Brett into purchasing a RIDICULOUSLY expensive bed through an online retailer and then discovering the color was not the same as pictured online. What I thought would be a wheat fabric was actually a non-returnable army green. The result, a camouflage master bedroom complete with a green bed, brown furniture and dark blue walls. Not the ideal.

**Our lowest point** Finding ourselves in the Dairy Queen parking lot, dipping two large fries into two large blizzards then shamelessly shoveling it into our mouths. It was Brett’s first summer in Texas; we had decided to live with my parents to save money. There are no excuses, except that it was a momentary escape.

Discovering a shared passion for intentional space and design. Enjoying the process of building our home and feeling stronger as a couple, though warned otherwise.

Sharing home cooked meals and lots of laughter with friends and family, who have encouraged, supported, fed, housed and celebrated us as we made our nest in Texas