Made from Scratch: Dinner Salad

We're not talking side salads, I'm throwing a complete meal your way! Let me start by saying, I experimented with this salad one night while dining solo. Therefore, I’m not quite sure if it will satisfy the male appetite, so feel free to throw a big hunk of meat on top for some gusto.

One evening last week, I found myself holding a bag of spinach in one hand and a head of broccoli in the other, hoping desperately that if I stood there long enough a delicious meal would appear before my eyes.  Never happened, but here we are.

Not wanting to spend time cooking a big meal for myself, I decided baking would be the easy option, I thought 450 degrees sounded nice, so there I began.

I gave the broccoli and a lonely red onion a nice chop. Into the dish they went, accompanied by a drizzle of olive oil and the juice of one lemon. Who doesn’t love the taste of broccoli and lemon?! I added a ½ tablespoon of minced garlic and grind of black pepper, then gave it a quick stir.

Next, I placed my new creation in the oven…10 minutes passed…eh, I’ll give it 5 more, I thought….waiting, waiting, growling stomach…

With a bed of spinach to break the fall, I plated my delicious entrée and topped it with toasted pine nuts and feta.

Looking all perky and bright, it screamed spring and tasted the every bit delicious!

Last night, I was once again left solo for dinner.

Feeling excited about the chance at a second attempt and a little sneaky having not yet shared my secret dish with Brett, I whipped up the salad in record time with some intentional alterations.

I added sweet potato, asparagus and a pinch of brown sugar.  I subtracted the lemon, we were out.

Let me know if you come up with a great version of your own!