Brett and I have once again settled in with my parents as we build house #2. Although we discussed renting a place in Fort Worth, we ultimately couldn’t give up living outside the city. We love the wide open spaces, starry nights, running stream and ample wildlife… It’s an escape from daily life. Plus, BIG plus, we are a short walk to our new lot, so checking in on the progress will be a snap. (Wild turkey roaming around the yard, can't see that in the city.)20120405-072048.jpg

Respectively abiding by my parent’s one rule: Don’t bring furniture, we have packed all of our belongings into storage. You see, last time around we purchased furniture months before we moved into our home; we were on the edge of hoarding…and wearing out our welcome. Now being seasoned pros, living with others, packing and unpacking is old hat.

So, in an attempt to celebrate our return to communal living, we’ve come up with a set of guidelines to adhere to when you Move-In with the In-Laws.

  1. Always bring a welcome gift, a peace-offering if you will. It allows for an unspoken grace period, where the nicks and dings from moving boxes will go unnoticed.
  2. Don’t eat/drink the last of something. You never want to draw attention to yourself.
  3. Always knock before entering.
  4. Come up with new ways to have date night that don't involve candlelit dinners, unless of course, it's a double date. Our suggestion, buy cruisers from Wal-Mart and take your date on the road