Toddler Room Transformation

The countdown to baby #2 is getting real. Pregnancy with a toddler (and a small business, which often feels like another child) means there are zero hours in the day to daydream about the new baby’s nursery, much less he/she's arrival into the world. Recently, our energy has been spent planning Walker’s “big boy” room (big surprise we tackle a room transformation before breaking him of a pacifier). I always enjoy seeing toddler rooms come together! There are endless ideas, ikea hacks and interesting uses of storage systems – it’s a great space to be creative and allow your child to be involved. Here's the before of our toddler room transformation.

guest room/soon-to-be toddler room

The contents of the room will be dispersed throughout the house, with the exception of Hank and the full size bed. I've had my eye on this bed frame from RHbaby, however, I'd like to see how Walker manages the full size bed before making the investment. I've gone back and forth about the toddler bed or twin size bed as the next transition, but ultimately, I would rather use what we have.

Walker waving to Hank as we brainstorm a new room layout

Brett and I like to allow room for creativity and thinking, so decor is kept to a minimum throughout our house, this will also be true for Walker's new room. Once we've identified the purpose of the room (i.e. sleeping, quiet play, creativity), we can layer from there. Here are a few rooms inspiring us.

We'll keep you updated on our progress! In the meantime, any advice from those who have already made this transition?