Toddler Room Debut

The toddler room is complete! We all agree, it’s our favorite room in the house – a perfect combination of playful and relaxing.  The best part, we didn't spend serious money to accomplish the look. Before the transition, this space served as a guest room (as seen here). 

We're into construction sites with big trucks, so these sheets from Pottery Barn were a big hit!  A little pricey for my liking, but since we decided to transition into a full bed I figured they would last a bit longer.

Most of the décor was repurposed from other parts of our house - the magnetic chalkboard and "W" were new items that tied the space together. I knew from the get-go I wanted a magnetic chalkboard, but finding one the right size, that I liked, was a bit of an adventure. We could not be more pleased with this one purchased on Amazon - we were blown away by the quality and level of service from the seller, Hohmm. Since purchasing the chalkboard, I've also discovered Sticky9 Photo Magnets and Jaq Jaq Bird Butter Stix. 

From a jesus bobble head to vintage globes and a passed down armoire -  we enjoy the eclectic nostalgia that fills this room. Heard of Mo Willems? If not, you need to buy these award winning books. We received a few as a gift from a librarian friend and fell in love with the witty humor and simplicity of each book's message. 

This was such a fun project for us to tackle before baby #2 arrives. It also provided a good opportunity for us to ease Walker into the idea of being a big brother - at least that's our hope.