Paint Sheen and Pairing - Your Questions Answered

We get a lot of questions surrounding paint colors. What’s the best interior white? What’s your favorite sheen? What do you paint your ceiling? The list is endless, and for good reason, there are a zillion colors to choose from with such slight variations in tone; a perfectly sane person could spend a month’s budget on paint samples trying to make sense of it all. So I've heard :) 

Let me first tell you that color is so dependent on layers. I once told a good friend looking for the perfect gray that she must absolutely paint her walls BM Gray Owl (OC-52).  It was a new construction home, so zero layering had taken place – no stain on the floor, no light fixtures and no furniture. She nearly had a heart attack, confused as to why her beautiful new home was painted the shade of a baby's nursery. Luckily, she stayed the course and was able to achieve the exact look she was going for once the home was complete. BM Gray Owl is still without-a-doubt my gray recommendation. It's stunning, though as soft as a baby's nursery. 

Now lets talk next level. You've made the decision to use BM Gray Owl (OC-52) on the walls, but are looking for the perfect white for the ceiling, trim and cabinets? Even more, what sheen do you use? If you want to be on trend with the light, bright and airy look, go for BM White Dove (OC-17) or BM Chantilly Lace (OC-65) in a semi-gloss sheen on the trim and cabinets - neither will disappoint. We did exactly this in our first kitchen - BM Gray Owl (OC-52) on the walls and BM White Dove (OC-17) on the cabinets and trim. 

When you have crown molding throughout the room, I'm all about using the same white on the ceiling and crown (I did not do this in our first kitchen, but wish I had). I love how white ceilings elevate the eye. If you have kids and pets - do yourself a favor and upgrade to an eggshell sheen. You will be happy you did when you are scrubbing food off the walls. In Walker's, room we paired a white ceiling and trim with a touch of color on the walls - PPG Silver Song (1557). It was a beautiful color - subtle and earthy             

Here we used BM Gray Owl (OC-52) on the cabinets and PPG Dogwood Blossom (521-1) on the trim and walls. I personally use PPG Dogwood Blossom (521-1) throughout my entire house, as I prefer a subtle white and not a bright white. 

Do you have paint colors that you have lived and loved? I'm always looking for new colors!