Creekwood Project

One area of business we’ve struggled with over the years is capturing images of our completed projects. This is for various reasons, but ultimately it boils down to the fact that we aren't drawn to interior images absent of real life. This hadn’t occurred to us until recently, when we were compiling images for our portfolio and were unable to find many worthy of representing our process - they were boring, uninteresting and void of emotion. We realized the approach to our portfolio was inconsistent with our core value to establish relationship. Let me dial back here.

Our first step in meeting with a potential client - meaning we’ve already assessed needs and believe we can be of service – is to bring them into our home, specifically, around the dining table. This is crucial to our process - we are first and foremost relational.  How many people say “I’ll never build again.” A lot, right? That’s because a relationship wasn’t established, therefore, respect, honesty and trust were not secured. There's absolutely no way to build a family's dream home if you don't really know the family. 

So back to our realization – we decided that stagnate shots just won’t cut it for our portfolio, rather the relationship component, core to HSH, is most evident through lifestyle images. It’s impossible to tell the story of our company and our products without also showing the stories and the lives behind them.  It just makes sense. We are crazy about meaningful relationships.

Now, I will introduce you to the Creekwood project. Our brilliant photographer, Bree, (also a past client) was brought on board after listening to my rant (see above). She gave life to my idea and I'm so thankful for her talent. 

Grateful for amazing clients like the ones below.