The Fairmount Foursquare, Part 1

This year has been a journey of highs and lows. Looking back, I actually began 2016 in tears from a contract that fell through and the uncertainty of where to move next.  Moving and transition is not typically an emotional trigger for me, but we had just moved out of the Fresh Farmhouse, our 6th move in a brief 6 years of marriage. I was restless, eager for the next thing and frustrated I couldn’t control the situation. Brett was his typical west coast cool, sensitive but completely un-phased by the setback.

I might add that we had moved in with my parents and my 7 month old was living in our bathroom, it was crowded and we knew we couldn’t overstay our welcome. This wasn’t the first time we had moved in with my parents during one of our transitions, however, this time we really didn’t have a plan.

Out of a complete loss for what to do and where to go, we started calling around. Until the beginning of this year, our construction business was primarily focused on building new homes. We would periodically consult on a remodel or tackle a small renovation, but we felt it was most efficient to keep our crews from jumping back and forth between old and new. After a tip that a Foursquare was coming on the market in Fairmount, we figured it couldn’t hurt to take a look.

The morning we met the Fairmount Fousquare was completely picturesque. It was a brisk, sunny January morning. The birds were chirping and the air smelled sweet, there was an immediate attraction to the property. Though we could see the improvements necessary to make it livable, nothing alarming stood out to us. As we locked up, a few neighbors strolled by and asked if we would be putting in an offer, as well as shared a brief history of the property. It appeared the property had a very broken past. We drove away feeling torn between the excitement of the renovation and the brokenness to be inherited with the property. The beauty of building a new home is that you write the story of the property and move in day is where the story begins. We were on chapter 104 of the Fairmount Foursquare and unsure how to change the story.

After a little soul searching, we agreed it was the right project for us. We believe in a story of redemption and we felt called to the project for our family and ourselves.  We started knocking down our first walls on Valentines Day and quickly started to realize there were many more issues than what turned up on the inspection report. Each day we were forced to change the direction of our initial vision as a new setback would arise. What was intended to be a moderate remodel job, quickly turned into a complete gut job, and yet it was renewing us and challenging our own beliefs each step of the way.

While in the midst of our own remodel, we were building absolutely stunning custom homes for clients. I was fascinated by the differences in each experience, the ability to shape a new build to align with the purpose of a family is such a gift and yet Brett and I were delighting in how our renovation was shaping us and redefining our own purpose.

We finally moved in to the completed Fairmount Fousquare on July 4th weekend, exactly 6 years to the day from when we first moved to Texas. There was so much sweet symbolism to that day and how it represented us starting from the beginning, just the two of us. We truly had no idea what great adventure was waiting for us in the second half of 2016 and that the Farimount Foursquare was the catalyst for change.

There’s another part to the story that lies in the wings, waiting with great anticipation to be shared. We look forward to telling you every detail, but it's not yet time. For now, here are a few photos of our renovated Fairmount Foursquare