The Fairmount Foursquare, Part II

“I can’t believe you sold the Fairmount Foursquare” has been on repeat over the past few weeks. It’s a shared reaction by so many of our friends and followers who have journeyed with us over the past 6 years, however, this move proved to be the most shocking.  

I don’t recall a conversation where Brett and I agreed to live a life of constant movement, but somewhere along the way we both decided to be led. From the outside, it looks like complete chaos and at times it is, but when we surrender to the small nudge, the details knit together in perfect form. 

One night in late October, the nudging came and we agreed to reach out to a few friends about our house being available in the New Year. We had only been living in the Fairmount Foursquare for 3 months, so I was hesitant about uprooting our family so quickly. Brett assured me we were only casually putting it out to friends and that if an offer came, we’d find comfort in the affirmation. A few days later, the Fairmount Foursquare was contracted and as we’ve experienced so many times before, the details fell in line. 

Unlike our last move, we had a plan of where to go next. A few years ago, we purchased property with the intention to build after we sold the Fresh Farmhouse. Plans changed, as they always do with us, and we felt led to purchase and renovate the Fairmount Foursquare instead. Now we’re heading back to that piece of property we fell in love with and bought a few years ago.  Knowing the time is finally right to build a home that will meet the needs of our growing family. 

As for the kids, they were completely unphased by moving so quickly, Thank goodness they get their ability to transition from Brett, who can process hellos and goodbyes with such understanding and warmth.  I’d rather not say goodbye and pretend like it’s not happening, not helpful.

One thing I know for sure, homes change, jobs change, needs change, but memories come with you wherever you go and require no boxes or packing tape. So that's as much of a goodbye you'll get from me!