A trip down memory lane: move-in-laws

A trip down memory lane...


One of my favorite things to do is look back through our old blog posts, I get so tickled thinking about our mindset, having no idea of what was to come and how we would change.

Documenting life is such a wonderful perk of blogging. And while, at times, it seems like another task to check off the list, I love the connection and relationships it creates and, the moments it freezes in time.

Our post about communal living is one of my favorites. While it’s a lighthearted post, we know the reality of this topic intimately. It was never a conscience decision to spend our early years of marriage living with my parents. It just made sense. We didn’t have cash or investors to leverage to launch our real estate business, so we created the resources we needed and saved wherever possible. We thought, better to take the risk while we were young, energetic and in the early stages of growing our family than ignore the inkling we had about our fledgling business. Sure, living with my parents was unconventional, but we’re happy it paid off.

This post is still true, but I’d add (and emphasize) it’s important to never overstay your welcome. This is not our strong suit and while our relationship is very good with my parents, they are now clear that we will only be invited over if we promise to leave. 😬

Tips from our 2012 post:

So, in an attempt to celebrate our return to communal living, we’ve come up with a set of guidelines to adhere to when you Move-In with the In-Laws.

  1. Always bring a welcome gift, a peace-offering if you will. It allows for an unspoken grace period, where the nicks and dings from moving boxes will go unnoticed.

  2. Don’t eat/drink the last of something. You never want to draw attention to yourself.

  3. Always knock before entering.

  4. Come up with new ways to have date night that don't involve candlelit dinners, unless of course, it's a double date.

You can read the original post here.



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