The ONE secret to building or renovating a house

I love social media for many reasons, keeping up with old friends, making new ones and staying on trend to name a few. I also love that it’s a place to support, encourage and celebrate one another in our adventures. Yet, I find myself questioning my own abilities when I see an image of a trendy mom on an adventure with her eight super stylish children who all happen to be smiling and genuinely looking happy.  Why can’t I pull this off? Did I miss a seminar?

Social media is a tricky space and often the lack of information can skew realistic expectations. Recently, I found myself on the flip side of the coin, when asked by a number of our Instagram followers how we built a custom home in 90 days. It looked too easy, so why does it take most people 3 times as long? With many of you interested in building or renovating your own home, here is the secret to our success be decisive.

In a world of endless possibilities, being decisive is undervalued.  You might say, well I don’t know what I want until I see it? Yep, I totally hear that and I can sympathize. This is the very reason I will be replacing our guest bathroom vanity sconce the first chance I get. I completely overlooked planning the guest bathroom finish out and my quick decision in the moment proved terribly wrong. However, we moved in without replacing, since past experience has proven it’s never a good idea to replace a quick decision with a quick decision. When it came to the rest of the house, the time spent on the front end wrestling with design, allowed us to move quickly and eliminate schedule delays.

So here’s what I would say to all of you soon to be home builder/renovators, embrace the planning phase as a crucial step in the overall process. Get to know what you are drawn to and why. If the process still proves difficult, hire someone to pull your design together, it’s money well spent! There is absolutely nothing wrong with moving quickly, but if you don’t have a good grasp on what you want, you’re setting yourself up to be influenced by the endless possibilities and price points.

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