We’ve been married for 7 years. I feel every single minute and yet it went by in the blink of an eye. I remember the most from our first year, the ups and downs, living with my parents and saving every cent of my salary to build our first home. We chose to sacrifice our newly wed days for big risks and a lot of moving around. It was simple then, just the two of us creating spaces we loved and believed in. We learned how to make a house beautiful with little money, while knowing that collecting less allowed us to say yes to the freedom that comes with moving and adventure.

It’s crazy, the whole thing, our desire to create space, live it out and then start all over.  But we remain intrigued by spaces and how they impact daily life, so we continue to chase the learning that comes with designing a home and truly living it.

It’s been a few houses since we had people greet us with “how’s the new house”, it’s now “are you staying this time”? I never give myself away, but the answer is that we are still on a journey to discover home. In the meantime, wherever our family is, there we call home.