4 items for simple Autumn decor

I've never collected seasonal items. When you move as much as we do, owning something that is only used for a short time and requires additional unpacking and packing of boxes just doesn't get me excited. However, I love celebrating each season and growing up I loved nothing more than when my mom got out her autumn decor. I still love it, new smells, new textures, new colors, there's something about simply decorating with the changing season, that gives heartbeat to a home.

I've been challenged over these past 7 years and 9 moves to find ways to seasonally decorate with items that require little space when packing or no packing at all.  What I've learned is that you can simply decorate your home and create big impact. Living light, which Brett and I have mastered, doesn't mean minimalistic, but rather making more from less. Practicing this has given our family freedom, not only to pickup and move, but to change out our space as we please with little cost.

Here are 4 items for simple Autumn decor

Candle - Hands down the best way to set the mood for the changing season is through scent. I choose one or two candles, depending on how heavy the scent is, and switch out during the season. I pick scents that remind me of autumn, something a bit heavier with a touch of sweetness and that will really fill the house. Here are my 2 favorites:

vanilla and fig.jpg

Throw - I've fallen in love with Turkish towels, they speak my decor item love language of looking good while serving more than one purpose. This autumn, we will be spending more time around the dining table hosting friends and family, so when I'm not using it to cozy up on the couch, I'll throw (pun intended) it as a runner down my dining table. Here is my absolute favorite 

Pillow - Brett says I have a pillow addiction. It's true. I like changing out my pillows, but I've finally learned the art of choosing pillows that can pair at different times throughout the year, so that I don't have an excessive amount of shams sitting in our linen cabinet.  The secret is to create a color story for the current season and think about how you can pull out 2 of the shams for a future season. Here's my autumn color story (I plan to use the blush for a lighter color story next spring).


Foliage - I use the term foliage, because it's exactly what I'm looking for when simply decorating for Autumn. I love the look of something unstructured and hearty. Tree branches and fallen leaves are a great way to use what's around you to decorate your home.  I make sure to give anything I bring inside a good rinse beforehand! 



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