Creekwood Project

One area of business we’ve struggled with over the years is capturing images of our completed projects. This is for various reasons, but ultimately it boils down to the fact that we aren't drawn to interior images absent of real life. This hadn’t occurred to us until recently, when we were compiling images for our portfolio and were unable to find many worthy of representing our process - they were boring, uninteresting and void of emotion. We realized the approach to our portfolio was inconsistent with our core value to establish relationship. Let me dial back here.

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Toddler Room Transformation

The countdown to baby #2 is getting real. Pregnancy with a toddler (and a small business, which often feels like another child) means there are zero hours in the day to daydream about the new baby’s nursery, much less he/she's arrival into the world. Recently, our energy has been spent planning Walker’s “big boy” room (big surprise we tackle a room transformation before breaking him of a pacifier). I always enjoy seeing toddler rooms come together! There are endless ideas, ikea hacks and interesting uses of storage systems – it’s a great space to be creative and allow your child to be involved. Here's the before of our toddler room transformation.

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More than Coasters and T.V. Dinners

See this coffee table...80% off.  We've been looking for something large enough to anchor two couches, hold lots of mugs, books and impromptu meals. It just so happened that we found the perfect piece for a great price. If you're looking for something similar and live in the area, visit Wisteria. Walk straight to the back, trust us, you  will be pleasantly surprised.

Here's a look at the table in action.  Much more to come, including the long anticipated debut of the Chesterfield, some interesting artwork to adorn the back wall and a few fun patterned pillows.

Here's a better view of the space, as you can see, we like the open concept.

Side note: if you are in the market for a 9x12 rug and don't want to spend a fortune, visit Pottery Barn.  They have been running a 15% off special for the past few months, you can actually get a bargain.

So when are you coming for a visit?

Inspired by Turquoise

I'm going back on my word again.  I recently boasted that Brett and I had come up with a sophisticated strategy for decorating our home, rooms with the most traffic get our attention first (i.e. kitchen, living room, study and master bedroom).  Makes enough sense, I'm sure people unconsciously decorate this way all of the time. Well I spoke too soon, my current distraction from our well thought-out decor strategy... This beautiful chandelier has inspired me to move the dining room to the top of the decor list.  No, I have not and will not buy this piece from designer Marjorie Skouras priced over $6,000. Like many others out there, it will be a diy project.  Let's hope this works out, the entire room is centered around this piece. My moodboard for the dining...

I'm going for comfortable elegance. We don't own china and are the first people to break an expensive wine glass, that being said, I want our home to reflect our lifestyle. Informal and laid-back, with a pop of color.