5 Ways to Elevate Your Space + Stay in Budget

Trying to decide where to put that extra cash when building your new home? We’ve got a few suggestions for you! First, think of Pinterest and Houzz as inspirational tools and not your building road map – it will save you money and emotional stress. Stay focused on what is a want vs. need – this is different for every family. I’ll tell you, the building process will be much more enjoyable if you stay in budget! So here are 5 areas worth spending a little more in order to get you that WOW look, while keeping cost to a minimum.

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Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Painted Brick Over!

The day has come when our house, shining in its bricked glory, looks burned by the Texas sun. Each day, we come by to inspect the previous day's work, swallowing our pride and reciting the words "it will get better." What's the problem, you ask.

For all the Chi Omegas, you will be delighted by the cardinal and straw brick and trim combination. Luckily, a layer or two of paint is in the near future. In the meantime, we are considering whether or not to send a flyer throughout the neighborhood. "Keep Calm, It Will Be Painted"