The Fairmount Foursquare, Part 1

This year has been a journey of highs and lows. Looking back, I actually began 2016 in tears from a contract that fell through and the uncertainty of where to move next.  Moving and transition is not typically an emotional trigger for me, but we had just moved out of the Fresh Farmhouse, our 6th move in a brief 6 years of marriage. I was restless, eager for the next thing and frustrated I couldn’t control the situation. Brett was his typical west coast cool, sensitive but completely un-phased by the setback.

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5 Ways to Elevate Your Space + Stay in Budget

Trying to decide where to put that extra cash when building your new home? We’ve got a few suggestions for you! First, think of Pinterest and Houzz as inspirational tools and not your building road map – it will save you money and emotional stress. Stay focused on what is a want vs. need – this is different for every family. I’ll tell you, the building process will be much more enjoyable if you stay in budget! So here are 5 areas worth spending a little more in order to get you that WOW look, while keeping cost to a minimum.

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Toddler Room Transformation

The countdown to baby #2 is getting real. Pregnancy with a toddler (and a small business, which often feels like another child) means there are zero hours in the day to daydream about the new baby’s nursery, much less he/she's arrival into the world. Recently, our energy has been spent planning Walker’s “big boy” room (big surprise we tackle a room transformation before breaking him of a pacifier). I always enjoy seeing toddler rooms come together! There are endless ideas, ikea hacks and interesting uses of storage systems – it’s a great space to be creative and allow your child to be involved. Here's the before of our toddler room transformation.

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hunting and gathering

The next few months will be spent researching interiors, traveling the west coast and shopping for one of a kind pieces. We're intentionally setting aside time to contemplate our house plan and make any necessary changes before moving into the construction phase. Countless magazine subscriptions, brilliantly expressed thoughts and frequent stops through antique stores are all just a part of the creative know