Round Top

Brett and I prefer to travel as a family, we love exploring new places with the kids and creating memories we can hold onto forever - let's be honest, this memory is still in the fresh wound stage. Round Top with kiddos is a recipe for disaster - antiques, sharp rusty barn metal (totally on trend) and one handsy 2.5 year old - yikes! Aside from a very public tantrum over a $500 antique car, we managed to dodge bad attitudes and tetanus; We actually came home refreshed and inspired. Round Top for the win! It helped that our last minute rental is what a toddler's dreams are made of - a 70 acre spread with cows, chickens, horses and a beat up old golf cart for exploring. Should you decide to visit - we highly recommend renting the Remodeled Guest Cottage.

One of my main goals for our trip was to find a previously loved cabinet that I could incorporate into the master bathroom at the Fairmount Foursquare.  My requirements: it had to be functional as it would be used on a daily basis, It needed to have strong lines and it had to be priced well. When I finally stumbled on this piece -  straight off the boat from Lyon, France - I knew I was immediately in a committed relationship. Go check out French Bleu at Blue Hills, their imported French and European antiques are gorgeous.