What a Gem

While flipping through photos of my trip to D.C. (here), I found this beauty taken at the National Museum of Natural History.

My obsession with all things turquoise led me to take this picture. I love the color variation and the veining. I want to wear it around my neck, prop it on a bookshelf and use it as a serving tray all at once.

Since my moment of inspiration, I've been determined to find a way for this to translate into a home. Then I discovered this photo...done.

(chapman interiors via ara design studio)

Inspired by Turquoise

I'm going back on my word again.  I recently boasted that Brett and I had come up with a sophisticated strategy for decorating our home, rooms with the most traffic get our attention first (i.e. kitchen, living room, study and master bedroom).  Makes enough sense, I'm sure people unconsciously decorate this way all of the time. Well I spoke too soon, my current distraction from our well thought-out decor strategy... This beautiful chandelier has inspired me to move the dining room to the top of the decor list.  No, I have not and will not buy this piece from designer Marjorie Skouras priced over $6,000. Like many others out there, it will be a diy project.  Let's hope this works out, the entire room is centered around this piece. My moodboard for the dining...

I'm going for comfortable elegance. We don't own china and are the first people to break an expensive wine glass, that being said, I want our home to reflect our lifestyle. Informal and laid-back, with a pop of color.