More than Coasters and T.V. Dinners

See this coffee table...80% off.  We've been looking for something large enough to anchor two couches, hold lots of mugs, books and impromptu meals. It just so happened that we found the perfect piece for a great price. If you're looking for something similar and live in the area, visit Wisteria. Walk straight to the back, trust us, you  will be pleasantly surprised.

Here's a look at the table in action.  Much more to come, including the long anticipated debut of the Chesterfield, some interesting artwork to adorn the back wall and a few fun patterned pillows.

Here's a better view of the space, as you can see, we like the open concept.

Side note: if you are in the market for a 9x12 rug and don't want to spend a fortune, visit Pottery Barn.  They have been running a 15% off special for the past few months, you can actually get a bargain.

So when are you coming for a visit?