5 Ways to Elevate Your Space + Stay in Budget

Trying to decide where to put that extra cash when building your new home? We’ve got a few suggestions for you! First, think of Pinterest and Houzz as inspirational tools and not your building road map – it will save you money and emotional stress. Stay focused on what is a want vs. need – this is different for every family. I’ll tell you, the building process will be much more enjoyable if you stay in budget! So here are 5 areas worth spending a little more in order to get you that WOW look, while keeping cost to a minimum.

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A LOT can happen in a day

pun intended. Yes, we are the proud owners of Lot #6.  Though she is raw land now, we will soon begin construction on our new home!

The view from our future front doors.

We have loved every second at the white house, and while many of our belongings will be coming with us, our decor taste, lifestyle and wants for a home have changed. We are now faced with the challenge of creating a space that encompasses the couple we have grown to be.