Made from scratch: honey toasted muesli

This weekend could not have been better. Sunny with a nice breeze, it was the perfect weather for dining outside, shopping at the farmer's market and planting flowers. All of which, I happily took part in while celebrating my mom! I had planned to visit a few of my favorite food blogs to find a simple granola recipe for Mother's Day Brunch. However, it's always one stop shopping when I start my search with 101 Cookbooks. I'll tell you, I can't believe I don't own this cookbook, I use Heidi's recipes on a weekly basis. Once I stumbled upon her Honey Toasted Fruit Muesli recipe, I was smitten, forget granola!

If you're local and have not yet been into the Vending Nut Co, your time is now. Unless, of course, you have a nut allergy and then your time is never. A bag of their Tours Mix makes the Muesli recipe both cheaper and easier, I replaced the nuts called for in the recipe with a few cups of this mix. Use what's leftover as a salad topper.

I ditched the dried fruit altogether, instead adding berries once I was ready to eat. My mother-in-law has me hooked on frozen blueberries in cereal. They sort of melt once immersed in liquid and keep your cereal cold, totally addictive. Also, a great muesli topper.

hunting and gathering

The next few months will be spent researching interiors, traveling the west coast and shopping for one of a kind pieces. We're intentionally setting aside time to contemplate our house plan and make any necessary changes before moving into the construction phase. Countless magazine subscriptions, brilliantly expressed thoughts and frequent stops through antique stores are all just a part of the creative know